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Duties and Authority 



Duties and Authority 

The Ministry of Labour has authority in labour administration and protection, skill development, the promotion of employment of people and any other governmental functions as prescribed by law. There are 6 agencies under the Ministry of Labour as follows.

1.Office of the Minister
2.Office of the Permanent Secretary
3.Department of Employment
4.Department of Skill Development
5.Department of Labour Protection and Welfare
6.Office of Social Security
The Office of the Permanent Secretary  has its functions in relation to the development of strategies, the translation of Ministerial policies into action plans, the allocation of resources and the administration of routine Ministerial functions with a view to meet the goals and achieve results effectively. It has the following powers and duties. study, analyze and prepare information in support of formulating policies, setting goals and specifying results. develop Ministerial administrative strategies. translate policies into guidelines and action plans. allocate and manage Ministerial resources with a view to economization, and utilization and meeting the demands. supervise, accelerate, monitor and evaluate as well as coordinate the work of agencies under the Ministry. develop an information technology system with a view to utilizing the administrative work and services of agencies under the Ministry. take charge of public relations work, international relations work and to update relevant legislation. carry out activities in relation to the development of minimum wage and income system. conduct research and development on labour issues. carry out activities in relation to the governmental inspection by Ministerial Inspector- Generals and the handling of complaints lodged within the Ministry’ s authority. perform other functions as prescribed by laws to be its powers and duties or entrusted by 
the Ministry or the Cabinet.
     The office of the Permanent Secretary has 76 Provincial Labour offices nation-wide including Nakhon Sawan Provincial Labour Office. The detailed authority and duty of other agencies under the Ministry can be found from