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Provincial Labour Office Nakhonsawan



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The general geographic characteristics. Mostly plains suitable for agriculture. A plain of about 3 in 4 provinces.River call is important to Ping River and the River Nan River Hybrids. Is confluent. Chao Phraya River. Flowing through the middle of provinces. River has divided the territory into the provinces of East and West and only 6 district, located on the main river. Terrain in the mountains west of the province and a complex jungle of districts Ladyao Wgks subdistrict district parent as the parent of every page. Subdistrict and community eye Bong. Province’s forest area is state forest associated with forest gully contact legs of football in Uthai Thani province, southern district of Mae Wgks. Top of the parent district and District Wgks Ladyao interface with a jungle of Tak province. Linked to the king’s forest ทุ่งใหญ่ Kanchanaburi.


        Conditions much of the province. Is relatively flat plains area narrow river plains. Especially central provinces.Located in any jurisdiction in the city, district Brrptpisai, District ชุมแสง, Teataok district, district and district Okrkpra Piuhaciri. State west region. (Ladyao districts, district parent Wgks, sub-districts as the parent of every page.Subdistrict and community eye Bong) and the east. (Districts Nong Bua, Amphoe Apsali, districts and districts ตากฟ้า Tacli) is similar to a wave a wave. Uplift from central province. High sea level, moderate 50-150 meters.